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      1. Ashton Ray Hanson

        Local Motion: Mental Health First Aid

        Robin Berndt, a training and outreach coordinator for the Center for Mental Health, speaks with Ali Lightfoot about programs offered in western Colorado that help educate the community about mental health, suicide prevention and those in crisis.

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        • New state agency to work on lowering health care costs
        • Two oil and gas leaks reported in surface waters of Garfield County
        • Arctic cold blast making life tough on seniors
        • Western Slope groups attend Rural Voices conference in Denver
        • Parks and Wildlife to hold public meetings about big game hunting seasons

        Year 2019 is in full swing and features some eye-catching astronomical events.

        • New group in Colorado urging lawmakers to reform gun laws
        • Carbondale Republican Bob Rankin appointed to Senate, will leave House
        • Changes to rural health care will be discussed today
        • SNAP benefits cut off in February due to government shutdown

        • Nominee to lead EPA leaves Colorado voters wishing for more
        • Colorado Secretary of State releases goals, wants voting to be easier
        • Capitol Conversation: Polis transition, impacts of shutdown on DIA
        • Anniversary of Citizens United ruling

        Suze Smith

        Host Jill Spears and gardening guru Lance Swigart discuss midwinter gardening topics and take calls from listeners.

        Carrie Szabo

        KVNF's Ashley Krest speaks with Stefan and Carrie Szabo of National Park Radio in Ouray after their show at The Wright Opera House.?

        • TSA employees at DIA calling in sick as government shutdown continues
        • Air travel becoming longer and more stressful amid TSA struggles
        • Colorado State Forest Service issues yearly survey about forest, tree health
        • Bark beetle activity flourishing in Southwest due to drought conditions

        • Democrat leaders meet at DIA, discuss shutdown with TSA employees
        • State forest service releases annual report on forest and tree health
        • San Juans, West Elks and Sawatch Range see spruce beetle increase
        • Governor Polis releases first budget goals, full time kindergarten a priority
        • Second phase of oil and gas drilling on Battlement Mesa approved

        Host Jill Spears is joined by gardener Lance Swigart and Delta County Library staffer Sara Smith for a discussion about seed saving and the library's seed swap collection.

        • Western Slope Resources Reporting
        • Durango group wants to lower solar costs by eliminating installation fees
        • Conservationists buy famous Fisher's Peak outside of Trinidad
        • Department of Interior to limit FOIA requests during shutdown



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